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Sara believes that City Councilmembers should listen to voters and represent their views on the City Council. Let us know if you have a question or want to share what’s on your mind. We look forward to hearing from you!


Sara has the experience and creativity to help Omaha reach toward its full potential.

Focus on Solutions

Sara will emphasize communication and use data to reach our long-term goals. We need to listen to each other, identify our goals, and then look to data to make the choices that will help us reach those goals. Partisan politics have no place in city government, and we need leaders who put the people and future of Omaha first. Sara also will work to keep constituents informed about what the City Council is doing.

City Services and Fiscal Responsibility

A community reflects what we all put into it. Our city government can and should invest in important public resources such as safe and sustainable transportation, parks, and libraries, so our city can continue to grow and thrive. Sara also will be a careful steward of public funds, making sure they are used efficiently.

Public Health and Safety

Public health policies should be based on science, not partisan politics. The delay in responding to the pandemic—at the federal, state, and local levels—has been costly. It’s past time to listen to the experts, such as those at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and the Nebraska Medical Center, as we create a roadmap for moving forward. Looking beyond the pandemic, Sara will work to support public health by advocating for safe opportunities to walk and bike, supporting our parks, and encouraging development that includes green spaces and allows for active lifestyles.

Sara also will work to promote public safety. We need to listen to and work with first responders and community members to adopt data-driven policies to keep our neighborhoods safe. Sara also will work to facilitate communication and build trust to help bring our community together.

Growing our Economy and Environmental Sustainability

We need to focus on growing our local economy and creating great jobs in an environmentally-sustainable way. Sara will push the city to partner with schools, colleges and universities, other nonprofits, and businesses to train people, create new jobs, and build an even better city.

Our long-term success as a city also requires conserving our natural resources and planning how we will adapt to our changing climate. Sara wants to pass on to our children and grandchildren a safe, healthy city and planet. Many choices that support this long-term goal also improve our quality of life now: it starts with holding trash and recycling providers to their obligations and also includes doing more to replace the dead and dying trees on Omaha’s public land; helping make walking, biking, and public transportation safer and more convenient; and encouraging environmentally-sustainable development.

Sara knocking doors for her campaign

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